The secret life of a Xaml Page

Disclaimer: Post describes Xaml Pages used in Xamarin Forms If you are like me the first time when confronted with a Xaml page they look sort of really alien to an old school programmer who has never did dirty web stuff before. After reading some articles about using them you finally grasp what you can […]

Advanced ListView Bindings

The traditional Binding When first making contact with ListViews in an Xamarin Forms MVVM design you usually publish an ObservableCollection as a property of the ViewModel of your Page, bind the ItemSource of the ListView to it and then bind to the items inĀ“the collection in your Datatemplate. Like this: [ImplementPropertyChanged] //I use Fody here […]

Virtual ObservableCollection

Virtualised collection views like ListView or CarouselView are great as they generate their views on the fly based on a DataTemplate. The problem is they need a collection that contains all elements that you want to display. Sometimes this is not feasible because the collection would be too big or it would take too long […]

How to Distribute Files with your App

Often we need to distribute some files together with our App like a prepopulated database, settings files, image etc. To do this there are basically three methods: Embedded Resoures Quite good for Images like icons read only not directly accessable for file IO Can be accessed from PCL Files App has to be rebuilt […]

Hello world!

Hi, after long thoughts I decided to start a blog too. My I have two goals with this blog. Share experiences that I made while developing, perhaps saving others time making not the same mistakes Write up information that I myself always forget while developing. I hope you will enjoy reading. Best Thomas P.S.: I’m […]